The District 3 Plan

Fiscally Responsible Budgets

 As a city we have continually lived outside our means, we simply can’t afford more debt. I will find ways to balance our budget and meet the needs of our citizens without constantly asking for tax increases or incurring more debt. 

Infrastructure Investment

 With an annual city budget of over a billion dollars, poorly maintained streets are a symptom of a bigger problem. If the floods of the past have taught us anything it is that we need to invest in our infrastructure. From road and street repairs to parks and recreation centers, maintenance is cheaper in the long run than having to purchase brand new facilities and streets. We must take care of what we have and not expect the tax payer to bail out government when they don't budget properly. I will make maintenance a top priority.

Promoting District 3

 As your representative, and with your help, we will stay ahead of neighborhood aging and maintain economic vitality in District 3.  I will fight for our fair share of budget dollars and use those budget dollars in the most efficient way possible.  

No to Certificates of Obligation

The city budget is continually in crisis because of the misuse of certificates of obligation. I will oppose all certificates of obligation for the 2012 Quality of Life Bond projects. The city must stick to the budgets that were voted on with no additional debt added.

Resolve the Ongoing "Arena" Controversy

Once elected I promise to help bring the "arena" controversy to an end. Either it needs to be built in an area that the city owns without legal/cultural issues or it needs to be abandoned and the money used to finish the numerous 2012 Bond Projects that have not been completed. Continued legal fights and a project millions of dollars over budget do not help the city budget or our quality of life.

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